Books And Articles On Quaid-E-Azam

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Vol. I: Cripps Mission, January-April 1942 (1970)
Vol. II: Quit India, 30 Aprial-21 September 1942 (1971)
Vol. III: Reassertion of Authority, Gandhi’s Fast and the Succession to the Viceroyalty, 21 September 1942-12(1971)
Vol. IV: The Bengal Famine and New Viceroyalty, 15 June-31 Agust 1944 (1973)
Vol. V: The Simla Conference, Background and Proceedings, 1 September 1944-28 July 1945(1974)
Vol. VI: The Post-War Phase: New Moves by the Labour Government, 1 August 1945-22 March 1946 (1974)
Vol. VII: The Cabinet Mission, 23 March-29 June 1946 (1977)
Vol. VIII: The Interim Government, 3 July-1 November 1946 (1979)
Vol. IX: The Fixing of a Time Limit, 4 November-22 March 1947 (1980)
Vol. X: The Mountbatten Viceroyalty, Formulation of Plan, 22 March-23 May 1947 (1981)
Vol. XI: The Mountbatten Viceroyalty Announcement and reception of the 3 June Plan, 31 May-7 July 1947(1982)

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